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How To Find Customers For Your Startup

Startup Business Guide – How to Find Customers

Dreaming of having a booming business of your own? Step into the startup bandwagon and be your won boss.
Well, starting a new business is exiting and promising, but it’s not a smooth journey as may think. It comes with its own challenges especially in the area of customer acquisition.  As as a business owner, you need more customers in order to stay afloat and breakeven.
In this guide I am listing 5 (five) simple ways to get more customers to your business

1) Setup a Business Profile:

Setting up a social media profile for your business is very important and easy to do. You can start by Setting up a Facebook page, Instagram and twitter page using your brand name ( Business name).  Remember, you are doing these for your potential clients. There will be a lot of people  searching for your product and services. They need to know about your business. So to make your own business profile is setup professionally. A business profile is more than just a summary of what your company promises and does. It would also describe the kind of problem it’s solving and how it’s solves it.

2) Go Digital:

Gone are the days of hoardings and pamphlets. If you want your business to thrive, you should take on to the internet.

• Build Your Website:

Website is an important element of business theses days. Without a website, you are missing potential customers and lots of sales. Some business depend entirely on their website in order to make sales. All traffic from your social media can be directed to your website and convert them into sales. Creat a catchy portfolio. This will help promote your business in a nutshell.

• Make Network and be Social:

In business, what matters is how many people you know and can reach out to. Connect with customers and get funded. Team up with a Digital Marketing Consultant. Know that more the entrepreneurs network more sustained the company is.

• Attend Events:

Need a hand to proceed further? Meet up in events digitally. Attended by entrepreneurs like you, it will be easier to share problems with your kins. From tips to suggestions, now learn everything you need. Be a part of the brainstorming sessions. Get to know your business more closely and solve problems yourself!

• Organize Events:

Let’s face it, you have a startup business, you are investing on it and you want to be known in the market, right? Dig in promotional aspect right away. To begin with, start with a site. From product launches to conferences, include them all. Plan out the events you choose to organize, whether celebratory, educational or promotional.

• Run Sponsor Ad:

We are not going anywhere without advertising your company. It is a part of game plan for your business growth. Let’s see a few requirements:

i) Know your goal and the target customers
ii) Attract them by speeding up your services
iii) Expose your brand by promoting them

3) Take Advantage of  Reference:

Starting your business might be a breathtakingly courageous work. So there’s no shame in taking a pick from others. Learn to question yourself – Why have I started this? What is my goal?
Why these products? How should I cater to the client needs?
Making a review for your business supports you in climbing the stages of development. Be an expert in the legal procedures, management, market strategy, funding and much more.

4) Don’t Forget to Take Review From the Client:

Rule 1 of life is to listen to those who would be your ultimate guide to success. In business, these people are the clients. Don’t know where your loop holes are? Trust me, you don’t need a business consultant. Read up your clients’ comment section; get in touch with them, request them to make reviews for your business. You are ready to mind your own business.

5) Follow up Existing Customer:

Treat your current customers in the way they like to be treated. Make them belief that you are at their service any time. Find out whether they are active on social media. Garner a friendly relationship with them. Be sure that your website visibility makes it easier for clients to reach you.

Startup business not only deals with the buying – selling prospect it also includes the customer acquisition. How would you identify your target client? What decisions would you take to attract the stakeholders? Well, start up with learning business now.

Henry Duze

Henry Abubakar Duze,is the Founder of Snapyweb Solution And SnapyMedia . His passion lies in creativity, web technology, digital marketing and Artificial Intelligence. He loves helping business owners leverage the power of web technology and Artificial intelligence to grow their business. I like reading and writing about about web technology and Artificial Intelligent in general. Follow me on social Media Facebook: Twitter: @henryduze Instagram: @henryduze Linkedin: Pinterest:

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